RIS System (RIS)

RIS System (RIS)


MOBILE ROAD Information System is available in different variations.

The Verdegro RIS system is a unique innovative machine that can be used as a Mobile Road Information System that can installled in a couple of hours and used in road constructions for longer periods. This unique system designed by Verdegro can be used for many purposes.

The machine is available with 2, 3 or 4 lane version. or in retracted setup, a single LED display can be create to be used free programmable. 

  • DSC00022
  • RIS

Technical specifications

  • Liftable system
  • Signaling 2,3 or 4 lanes or used as full color message sign
  • Optional solar power system
  • 1 unit transported on a flat bed with crane
  • Failure detections: Oil, Fuel, Battery level, LED and power supplies
  • Hybrid 2 cylinder liquid cooled generator
  • optional equipped with crash cushion

optics acc. nen-en 12966

emc tested (electromagnetic compatibility)

wifi or umts wireless communication

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RIS System (RIS)

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