Led Light Tower Unit (LLTU) - Verdegro

Led Light Tower Unit (LLTU) - Verdegro

About the product

LLTU version 2 light tower based on 230Volt AC / 110Volt AC powered light tower that can be powered by a central generator or run standalone on the battery bank up to 35 hours ( 100watt floodlight model ) before needing to be recharged by the central power source or 24V DC charger.

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Technical specifications

  • Unique bucket handling system
  • Up to 9m height
  • Automatic darkness sensor
  • Solar charging system
  • LED street light or floodlight available
  • Galvanised steel tower
  • Lifting hook(s)
  • Inside wiring
  • Up to 35 hours standalone or connected to central power source
  • Lockable control panel
  • Battery indicator
  • Maintenance free battery pack
  • Galvanised body
  • Built-in battery charger
  • Rotatable swivel jacks
  • Forklift tubes

Up to 30 LED tower units in one transport. 

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Led Light Tower Unit (LLTU)

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