Truck Mounted Attenuator-EU (TMA-EU 100K)

Truck Mounted Attenuator-EU (TMA-EU 100K)

About the product

All Verdegro TMA`s are completely full-scale tested. The Verdegro TMA-EU 100k is a model we produce since 2004. This Truck Mounted Attenuator model is tested with a 2000kg Voyager instead of a 2000kg Pick-up. Not completely according NCHRP-350 but "in the guidance of". For our TMA according NCHRP-350 report and the TD49/07, look at our website under TMA-US 100K.

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  • Double safety blocking device
  • Hydraulic rotation system
  • Forklift tubes for easy handling
  • Steel hot galvanized mounting system
  • Energy absorption aluminum moisture proof cartridge
  • Corner and bottom protectors
  • Reflective foil according your specs
  • Optional swivel wheels (front&back)
  • Optional rubber impact strip

Tested in the spirit of the nchrp 350 tl-3 100 kph (3-50/3-51/3-52/3-53)

2000P tests were done with 2000kg european style suv's 

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Truck Mounted Attenuator-EU (TMA-EU 100K)

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